Seravezza Fotografia 8th Edition 2011

dal 29 Gennaio 2011 al 3 Aprile 2011

"The true spirit of Seravezza Photography is that of friendship. This town, on a human scale, is ideal for bringing together big names of world photography by amateur photographers who came to attend the sidelines expositions.

In this environment, there have been many photographers over time, more or less famous, I will quote a few: E. Olaf, J. Nachtwey, A. Merzbach, R. Kusterle, L. Battle, Gianni Gardin and many others.

This year we present Roger Ballen, a logical continuation of the choices made ​​so far. His photographic work, done in a rough black and white and conceptually constructed, leads visitors out of a tangible reality. Symbols, graphics, men and animals, give life to 'worlds', visions and perspectives out of time and the usual standard of expressiveness. "

Libero Musetti,    extracted from the catalog Seravezza Photography 2011.

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