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Seravezza - land of Medici and arts - has started since a long time to fully restore the sense of its historical value. In recent years the completion of the restoration of the Medici area, the redevelopment of the town square, the beginning of the project  " Via dei Marmi and Michelangelo ," of which the center of Lucca is the key element , have shown that beyond the presence of significant monuments or joint action by institutions, the only reasonable and culturally responsible use of existing resources in the area, are to determine the success of the enhancement . The culmination of this process and certainly the recent prestigious award for our Palazzo Mediceo , UNESCO World Heritage , a further motivation and a great responsibility to work harder and better. To pursue more vigorously such projects, since 2010 , the Municipal Administration of Seravezza set to the management of the ' whole complex of Palazzo Medici , the Fondazione Terre Medicee . The Province of Lucca and two major companies , Henraux spa and Barsi Marmi sas , which well represent the history and excellence of our territory , who wanted to support this choice , agreeing to be a part of the Foundation, as well as other entrepreneurial versiliesi are committed to deliver significant economic contribution in support of cultural programming . Aware that only a cultural approach will better use the resources , will make them accessible to a wider audience and , more generally , will raise the cultural tone of the community, encourages the formation of a suitable social and economic environment , the exhibition activities of the Palazzo Mediceo , despite the finantial cuts at central level , remains stubbornly anchored to quality. Within this frame " Seravezza Fotografia " , international event now in its eleventh edition , is one of the most significant and ambitious. Scrolling through the names of the great authors who in recent years have exhibited at the Palazzo Medici , is to take a dip in the history of photography and international art of the last fifty years , but also in the events and facts that have marked the recent history.

© Walter Rosemblum  © James Nacthwey   © Gianni Berengo Gardin

In January 2004, Seravezza Fotografia inaugurated its first edition with the exhibition " The Years of Neorealism " with works by Berengo Gardin, Nino Migliori , Fulvio Roiter , Mario Giacomelli , Alfredo Camisa , Piergiorgio Branzi , etc. . In previous editions up to the coming 2014 edition the  exhibitions presented big names in international photography such as Walter Rosenblum , Peter Witkin , John Umicini , Erwin Olaf , James Nacthwey , Gianni Berengo Gardin, Francesco Cito , Roger Ballen , Romano Cagnoni , Enzo CEI, Livio Senigalliesi , Bart Herreman , Silvia Amodio , Andrea Bartolucci and others. Particularly last edition and  confirmed for the coming ones a place is given to young emerging authors such as Stephen Morelli and Francesco Vignozzi .

© Peter Witkin © Bart Herreman © Anke Merzbach

The exhibition Seravezza Fotografia was founded in 2004 with the intention of bringing the big names of international photography to a wide audience , ranging from professional photographer to aspiring young photographer and professionists, to the world of so-called amateurs , in the belief , confirmed by previous editions , that the high-level photography on a variety of topics is always a source of inspiration and thoughts on social as well as human values particulartly in our times when these values are undoubtly suffering . Seravezza Fotografia is an exhibition that within about three months, offers a full program of events and appointments , connecting young emerging photographers with names in international photography exhibitions through the spaces of the Villa Medici (Palazzo mediceoe and the Cruderie Granducali ) through training workshops and seminars ( photography courses at various levels , workshops taught by experienced photographers ) , with different age target.

© Roger Ballen © Erwin Olaf   © Romano Cagnoni


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