Seravezza Fotografia XII Edition 2015

dal 20 Febbraio 2015 al 12 Aprile 2015


"Seravezza Fotografia" will take place in Seravezza in Versilia (Lucca ) from 20th February to 12st April 2015. An event of national and international significance, which successfully brings each year the biggest names in photography to a wide audience and to the world of amateur photographers. Organized by the Fondazione Terre Medicee , by the Culture Department of the City of Seravezza and the patronage of FIAF ( Italian Federation of Photographic Associations) under the artistic direction of Ivo Balderi.

In past editions it hosted names such RosenblumBerengo GardinWitkinOlafNachtweyRomano Cagnoni, Frank HorvatIn this new edition Seravezza Fotografia pays homage to photojournalism dedicating to Francesco Cito the main exhibition entitled "Colour and B&W" to emphasize the forty years of photography carried out so far by the great Neapolitan photographer. In the exhibition at Palazzo Mediceo are exposed most of the reports made by him, a unique opportunity to understand his being photographer, his sensitivity and his synthesis in documenting a conflict or confrontation between people: in his shots Cito also helps us understand what is happening in some parts of the world; through the merits of his telling and get involved from the photographs taken at the Palio di Siena or in Sardinia in the lesser known places to careless travellers, who are more prone to the stereotype postcard. Ferdinando Scianna describes Francesco Cito as one of the best italian photojournalists, for the instinct of the fact, the passion of the story, the ability to synthesize and rigor of view. 


Seravezza Fotografia is an exhibition of the length of almost three months developing with exhibitions of internationally recognized photographers and with exposures of young emerging photographers who have given proof of their talent. The exhibitions are organized in the prestigious spaces of the Palazzo Mediceo and of the Seravezza Scuderie Granducali. The intent, as in previous editions, is to organize a major exhibition of a "master photographer" internationally recognized where his experience shown in the exhibition can also be an encouragement for young photographers. In the 2015 edition this role will be played by Francesco Cito, while the other prestigious exhibitions will be dedicated to young emerging which Seravezza Fotografia has verified the reliability of the desire to be a photographer, liaising with them for almost a year. Young proposals this year are: Federica VangelistiRoberto Mari e ancora Novella Maggiora e Marco Fantecchi (winner of best prize photographic portfolio Seravezza Fotografia 2014).

To confirm the positive experience of the previous edition of Seravezza Fotografia, an exhibition will be dedicated to young photographers who participated at the photography course taught by Giacomo Donati inside the ' Seravezza School'. The photography club "Altissimo" very active in the territory, will showcase the work of a group theme, as it did extremely well in the previous edition with the exhibition entitled "Una storia di donne". In collaboration with Labottegalab of Marina di Pietrasanta a show/event will take place in their spaces where the Photographers Alessandro Sala, Arianna Arcara, Luaca Santese, Gabriele Micalizzi, Gabriele Stabile, Andy Rocchelli   will display photos titled "CESURA" curated by Serena Del Soldato.

In collaboration with the Italian Federation of Photographic Associations ( FIAF ) Seravezza Fotografia at the end of the educational activities, workshops and seminars, offers to the participants of the various courses and workshops and also to a wider audience of photographers , registration to the reading of the photographic portfolio , which will be carried out by experts appointed by the FIAF.

The exhibition "Colour and B&W" by Francesco Cito and the other exhibitions at Scuderie Granducali will be opened from February 20th to April 12th 2014, on Friday and Saturdays  15.00-19.00 and on Sundays and public holidays 10.00-19.00.

Entrance ticket cost is  €6.00 (adult) and €4.00 (reduced).

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