Seravezza Fotografia XIV Edizione 2017

dal 12 Febbraio 2017 al 17 Aprile 2017

From February 12th to April 17th, 2017 in Seravezza in Versilia (Lu), the fourteenth edition of "Seravezza Photography will take place."

An exhibition of national and international spread which every year successfully combines the big names of photography with a wide audience and the photography amateurs. Organized by the Fondazione Terre Medicee, by the Culture Department of the City of Seravezza, under the patronage of FIAF (Italian Federation of Photographic Associations) and Ivo Balderi artistic direction. In past editions it presented famous masters of photography as Walter Rosenblum, Gianni Berengo Gardin, Joel Peter Witkin, Erwin Olaf, James Nachtwey, Romano Cagnoni, Bart Herreman, Frank Horvat, Francesco Cito, Franco Fontana.

Seravezza Photography in its fourteenth edition devotes the main exhibition at the photographer Giorgia Fiorio in Palazzo Mediceo, Unesco World Heritage Site.

The photographic exhibition of Giorgia Fiorio, proposed by "Fondazione di Venezia" and curated by Denis Curti , "The Gift" develops the theme of the relationship between the individual and the Sacred, the pictures, all done in black and white film and printed by the author in medium format negative, were taken between 2000 and 2009 through thirty eight missions in thirty different countries, across five continents. The exposure draft and the book was conceived and curated by Giorgia Fiorio in collaboration with Gariel Bauret and received in 2009 the patronage of 'UNESCO.

"Through direct experience, without encyclopedic intentions, for eight years I have followed the path of a photographic project, around a personal quest:" The Gift. "

The most remote origins of Believing in the early sacred texts, as in the primitive pagan oral tradition reveals a dense network of correspondences: rituals, gestures always repeated, resonances of the same thrill before the mystery of existence. Suspended on the universal space-time, a labyrinth of intersecting paths in search of unison between the individual's outward identity and the deep self. "- Giorgia Fiorio

Alongside the exhibition of Giorgia Fiorio, which is the main exhibition of the festival, Seravezza Photography presents a wide program of collateral exhibitions, photographic culture meetings, workshops and portfolio reviews.

In the Scuderie Granducali Seravezza it will be set up the photographic exhibitions of: Ken Gerhardt "B & W - love for the film", "Sporting Marble" a photographic project in support of UILDM by Giulia Talini and Laura Rosi, a photo exhibition of Lucio Trizzino entitled "Strike" curated by Nicholas Lucarelli; The “Circolo fotografico Altissimo” of Seravezza will participate in the festival with his group .

From this year the Seravezza city administration has made available a new exhibition space in Querceta at the Town Hall, which will host two young photographers: Francesca Marrai from Querceta with the exhibition entitled "All I who you are" and Erika Zolli Milanese photographer who shows two of her researches named "Sur / Real"

In addition the exhibition expands on the territory through valuable partnerships: The Seravezziana gallery, in the center of the city of Seravezza with the photographic exhibition of Stefano Viti, while LABottega of Marina di Pietrasanta spaces, a dynamic space completely dedicated to photography, will host a group exhibition by international character, six photographers of different nationalities, curated by Maurizio Marco Tozzi and entitled SPACEARTH - Satellite Photography,

In collaboration with the Italian Federation of Photographic Associations (FIAF), at the conclusion of the educational and training activities, it will be repeated the reading of the photographic portfolio by industry experts appointed by FIAF 

ORARI: dal giovedì al sabato 15.00-19.00 | Domenica e festivi: 10.00-19.00 | Palazzo Mediceo e Scuderie Grandicali

BIGLIETTO: intero 6.00 euro | ridotto: 4.00 euro

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