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press release - January 20 - 2017

Seravezza (Lu), January 20, 2017


Great photography is back in Versilia from February 12th with the fourteenth edition of "Seravezza Photography", an event of international width, promoted by the Fondazione Terre Medicee and the City of Seravezza. Three months of exhibitions, seminars, meetings with authors and insights into one of the most evocative but less known parts of Tuscany: the Palazzo Mediceo Seravezza (Lu), a splendid example of sixteenth-century stately architecture protected by the Unesco Heritage. Among the main themes of this new edition, curated by artistic director Ivo Balderi the extraordinary photographic journey by Giorgia Fiorio, "The Gift", the origins of Believing in the five continents; the unconditional love of the South African Ken Gerhardt for black and white film photography; the socio-political reportage of Lucio Trizzino; the aesthetic research by Stefano Viti around the most intimate relations between man and nature. And again, the borders of a new satellite photography; Erika Zolli and Francesca Marrai, promises of contemporary Italian photography.
Faithful to its historic mission - to combine the big names of the international scene with the world of amateur photography, promoting young talent, talking to the most diverse audience - the 2017 edition of Seravezza Photography has as guest of honor at the Turin photographer Giorgia Fiorio that from February 12 to April 17 presents the main floor of Palazzo Medici a selection of images from "the Gift" project, carried out in nine years investigating the relationship between the individual and the sacred through the most ancient rituals of history human. Extensive research and documentation work done with thirty eight missions to thirty different countries of the world that, for quality and importance of anthropological research, had the patronage of UNESCO. Proposed by the Venice Foundation, curated by Denis Curti and designed by Gabriel Bauret, the exhibition presents exclusively in black and white film images made on medium format negative and printed by the author. Within the festival is held "RAM - Reflexions Masterclass Advance", international seminar of contemporary photography that was founded in 2012 by Giorgia Fiorio who welcomes this year twelve artists alumni and three visiting students  nominated by Marganoni Studio. On April 7th at Palazzo Medici Giorgia Fiorio  will hold a meeting with Giovanna Calvenzi and artists of the seminar on the theme "Vision; Imagination; Expression: What has become the contemporary photography? "Which provides an open talk with the public - upon reservation and subject to availability.
The Scuderie Granducali, always Medicean Area in Seravezza, will host parallel exhibitions "B & W: the love for the film" Ken Gerhardt (February 12-March 5), "Sporting Marble" (March 10 to 26) and " strike "Lucio Trizzino (March 31-April 17). The first brings together under one title and the unique matrix of black and white, the shots that the original photographer of Cape Town has produced (and still is developing) in four different artistic projects: "Films Revisited", " Gates' & Fences, "" The Garden Path "and" Off the rails ". The second is a collective of local origin and charitable purposes (for research against muscular dystrophy) which comes from the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčlinking the artistic tradition of the Apuan-Versilia with the sport. In the third the Sicilian photographer Trizzino distills the best of his three projects - "Place of clichés", "Strike", "Anxiety" - centered on humanity contemporary.

Completes the poster exhibitions "Untitled (intro)" by Stefano Viti at the gallery La Seravezziana Seravezza (February 17 to March 19), the collective "Space Earth - Satellite Photography" that for the first time brings together six of the most prominent photography artists satellite-class at the gallery La Bottega of Marina di Pietrasanta, (April 1 to May 14) and exposures of two promising Italian photographers at the Civic Palace of Querceta: "Every me who you are" Francesca Marrai (17 February-23 March) and "Sur / Real" Erika Zolli (March 24-April 17).

Finally, the program includes the projection of amateur audiovisual "The Way of Hope - Religions of the World", edited by Charles Ciappi and Lorenzo De Francesco, at the Casa dei Giovani in Querceta (March 18), the sixth edition of the Premio Terre Medicee to the best photographic portfolio (April 8 to 9) - with public readings of the portfolio by Carlo Ciappi and Marcello Ricci FIAF - and Lucio Trizzino workshop dedicated to the essence of photography in reality and its narrative extension (1-2 April), consists of two keynote on "See the picture in reality" and "Make photo books".

The exhibition is sponsored by the Tuscan Region, Lucca Province and FIAF (Federazione Italiana Associazioni Fotografiche).

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