Vincenza De Nigris

Vincenza De Nigris (b. in 1985, Andria) is an Italian photographer. She graduates from MA Photography at the Brera Academy in Milan with a thesis on Narrative Photography. These studies are also the starting point of her personal research.
After her studies she starts working as freelance photographer for fashion and still life and also as lecturer. In 2011 she works as assistant professor at San Marino University, where she teaches post production and history of contemporary photography.  She organises  workshops of Narrative Photography based on her personal research in many schools of  art and organizations such as NABA (Milan), Spazio Forma (Milan) and Politecnico di Bari. In 2011 she moves to Turin where she woks with Loft25, there she teaches photography technique and history of photography at different levels.
In 2012 she is invited to speak during many lectures and she has the opportunity to confront herself  with great professionals and artists such as Nino Migliori, Giovanni Chiaramonte, Francesca Fabiani, Marco Signorini, Carlo Garzia and others.
During the last few years she takes part in some collective exhibitions and prizes such as Affordable Art Fair in Milan, “Young Talent” section, “Planète Femmes” at Alliance Française in Bari, “Accademia” at Metronom gallery in Modena, “I volti di Milano” at Franco Parenti Theatre in Milan.
In February 2013 she takes part in a personal exhibition called “Narrative Photography” organized by Carlo Garzia, at the Bari Castle.


"In the very beginning of the process I stick to narrative. To me is like the starting point for my job, it’s the media though the which I pass to describe what I see. As I first look to a new environment or to a subject, I start to think about how they could be blent together, and also  about lightning, colors and composition.
As I put these elements together, I check what I'm putting on stage is as close as possible to my idea. Clearly variables, dictated by the context or emotion of the moment, can pop out any moment, but this is part of the game.
The images that I realize are a kind of film-still, like they where extracted by a story apart that is much more bigger and complex by what you can just see in one single frame, because of this reason, they can also live independently the one from the other.
What I’m trying to achieve here, is not the comprehension of a determined story, but that every person who glances at this portraits can find in it a story of its own to tell about it.
Images, in this place, are more like clues to be taken by the spectator, that is free to do with it whatever the imagination is capable of."

Vincenza De Nigris

"Epifanie Urbane" my pictures are undisclosed stories with no beginning and no end; these images can live by their own or can work together as a sequence. Everyone of them is a fragment of a story, an action or a reflection. The key of this project is not strictly related to the base of the storytelling that I want to put in scene, but it’s still opened to a personal reading by the audience. I don’t care if the spectator catches the base story, what I really care about is that every image or sequence can lead you to your own story.

"Melancholy" is a project tightly connected to the emotional sphere where the light plays a central role. Simple connotations like essential states of mind are translated onto figures reflecting a romantic and delicate imagery. Common to all of this photos is the minimalism of the set. The women portrayed are reflecting a sort of time suspension, a feeling that something has yet to happen. The aim of this series is to connect aesthetic beauty to a sensitivity we all have and to make our imagination work to catch and create our part of the story aside of the one shown by the author.

"Young women" is a project which has as a starting point the period of fragility and vulnerability which accompanies women from their childhood, when they live through a period of restlessness and dismay made of reflection, the desire to get away from or run towards something: the complexity and fragility of adolescence characterised by changing moods, the constant longing to rebel against something they aren’t yet aware of. Such moods which change shape while young women grow up and turn into deep reflections on the changes, on the choices and the decisions to be taken.
There is nothing extraordinary about these stories, there is only a trace of the characters: the colour red which marks the “rough road” the young women set out on the different stories.

"Volubility" is a small project to follow up with the Young Women research, the name itself “Volubility” involve something which is always changing, shaping itself in different ways, something that is changeable as a mood. It’s a delicate balance between anxiety and serenity, good and bad moods come one after the other.

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