Federica Vangelisti

I’m a young photographer from the beautiful coast of Tuscany, a nomad, my suitcase is always packed.

The beginning was when I realized that I would not be able to laugh without photography anymore.It ‘s like when you fall in love, you look back and take note that if I did not have that person at my side my life would suck.

I have a bachelor degree in Communication Sciences at the University of Pisa, in this years as well as studying for my degree I pursed my passion for photography, first I took part in small classes, then alone trying to experiment, through the use of film and digital and trying to relate what I felt and what I saw during my many travels, in the most personal way.

I participated in several group and solo exhibitions: “Pezzi Unici" at the Gallery Carlo Gallerati in Rome in 2013; "Festival of Contemporary Vision" at Multiverso in Florence in 2013; “Stories" a personal exhibition at Fabbrica Immagine in Rosignano Maritime in 2012; "Digiarte" in Sesto Fiorentino in 2011; "My world in 10 clicks"  at Fortino in Forte dei Marmi.




This project has been created by the idea of combine emotion and mechanics. New digital techniques and old techniques of analog lomography. Reaching the past, towards the specific research of our time, looking for new stories, urged by the suspect that the common language is coarsening us, slowly depriving us of our history. Beginning to feel our own space as  multiple viewpoint to create always new vision. Inter-frame as a score of images to recreate and rewrite ourselves and the city ‘around us, our feelings, our tiny contributions: to give life to our emotions and impress their memories forever.





Wrinkles are curves on the surface of our skin that mark the passage from youth to adulthood. They are the symbol of our maturity, of the time tha flows behind. Many people are ashamed of it, trying to hide from intrusive glances, as if doing so they can bring time back. But our wrinkles are also the sign of the experiences we lived, past, things, places and people that have been important for us. To realize my project about my world in 10 shoot, I tried to find alternative ways to impress on my body the experiences lived during my 21 years of life: despite my lack of visible wrinkles, there are moments of my past that I carry with me in my every day life, and in this way I wanted to narrate them. For this reason I called my project simply, “Wrinkles”.





I do not know 

the day of the week, 

or the time of day.

I do not know 

the time measurement 

or the way 

with which it flows 

through me.

I can not know 

the weight of a moment 

or a period of one year.

All I know, 

all I can understand 

about the mathematics of life, 

is the time 

where your hand 

is tight in mine, 

and time 

in which it is not.

© Federica Vangelisti

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