From March, 11 2015 to April, 29 2015

Sala Cope - Querceta


by Marian Vanzetto

The Basic Photoshop Course is directed to people who are familiar with a basic usage of computers, but do not know about professional photo-retouching programs.

We will learn how to use Adobe Photoshop, one of the best software for handling the complete post-production phase in digital photography. In this course we will study and make practice on all the main tools that are used to reprocess a photography or any image.

Each participant will have to carry their personal computer (PC or MAC) where the Adobe Photoshop program is installed (preferably, CS6 or newer versions). Each class will be both theoretical and practical: we will constantly exercise on each of the presented tools.

About the end of the course, there will be a test on the whole material presented. Aimed at verifying and fixing possible mistakes or misunderstandings, so to improve the skills of each participant.

The following program can be partially modified and readjusted according to the requests of participants: 

- Introduction to Photoshop program: the menu bar, the status bar, the toolsbox,   the palettes.

- The Image Size and Resolution, the Mode-Color, the Bits/Channels.

- The Image-Adjustment (levels, curves, color selection, saturation).

- Layers (move, copy and transform layers).

- Marquee and Lasso Select Tools, the Crop Tool.

- Transforming Selections (scale, rotate, distort, etc) and Free Transform.

- The Commands border (smooth, expand, contract).

- Quick Mask Mode.

- Eraser tools.

- Healing Brush, Patch, Clone & Pattern Stamp.

- Filters.

- Text and style options.

- Test


Minimum of partecipants 6, maximum 12.

The 8 weekly classes (each 2 hours) are scheduled as follows: every Wendsday from March 11th, to April 29th, 2015 included. Time: 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm. | SALA COPE - Querceta - Lucca

The classes language is Italian.


COURSE REGISTRATION: download the registration form and send it to 




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