From March, 28 2014 to April, 6 2014

Scuderie Granducali Seravezza

"Lifeblood" di Alejandra Mendez

winner of the second national award "Terre Medicee" dedicated to photographic portfolio within Seravezza Fotografia 2013

The authoress proposes a work with an intimate and femenine slant but with  an universal value. She explores the relationship between the woman and herself through the symbol of the tree, archetypal image of nature, solidity and change; reproduction, renewal, death and rebirth.It is a work dedicated to women who recognize in their body, the source of their own strength,of their own lifeblood.

Inaugurazione venerdì 28 marzo, ore 18.00.

ORARIO: dal giovedì al sabato 15.00-19.00 e la domenica e festivi 10.00-19.00 | Ingresso gratuito

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