From March, 23 2013 to June, 9 2013

Palazzo Mediceo sale espositive 9 e 10

Permanent Exhibition

photogrphic exhibition from march 23rd to june 9th




Seravezza Fotografia is an annual exhibition of the average duration of three months which proposes exhibitions of photographers recognized nationally and internationally as well as exhibitions of young emerging photographers. The exhibitions are organized in the prestigious premises of the Palazzo Mediceo and the Scuderie Ganducali in Seravezza.

Many of the authors who have exhibited over the last few years at Seravezza Fotografia, have kindly donated some of their own photographic works, enabling the organization to begin a collection that will become over time an interesting testimony of the diverse world of photography.

Aware of the cultural heritage that gradually move in the editions of Photography Seravezza , the Fondazione Terre Medicee and  Seravezza Fotografia staff have created a "Semi_Permanente"  exhibition at Palazzo Mediceo, just to share with the vast public and the community of Seravezza this cultural photographic heritage .

The name "Semi_Pemanente" is deliberately a bit 'ironic' but highlights the efforts of the Fondazione Terre Medicee to enhance the cultural offerings in the area despite the difficulties in raising the necessary funds and also highlights the fact that it will be accessible only in certain times of the year



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