From March, 23 2013 to June, 9 2013

Palazzo Mediceo sala espositiva 8

Insideilookoutside by Raffaella Castagnoli

winner of the first national award "Terre Medicee" dedicated to photographic portfolio within Seravezza Fotografia 2012

"There are some photographers who pursue and depict real events in the form of news, facts and places.

There are some photographers who evoke these events using impressions, shades and suggestions. 

Raffaella Castagnoli chooses to use both approaches to bring us her vision of the facts.

She uses alternating sequence, diptych and graphics as tools to represent both her exteriority and her inner spirit

The true picture of the world we see alternates with her inner world.

In the works of Raffaella it 's exactly the flow of time, in its different nuances and extensions, that leads us to a deep expressive consistency, by virtue of her great narrative skills."

Alberto Prina

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