From April, 18 2013 to May, 5 2013

Scuderie Granducali Seravezza


Photography as a mean of denunciation

The exhibition includes works belonging to different projects all reflecting her unique approach and art style.


In fact, behind her apparently simple portraits there is plenty of delicacy and skill: two essential ingredients that Silvia Amodio employs to perfectly illustrate that extraordinary side hidden in standard, ordinary life. And here Silvia Amodio is a real master.

This is immediately evident in “Positive Faces, South Africa, a trip to re-think Aids”, a project where a plain white cloth as a background plus a camera are enough to narrate stories of intense humanity.

The author has carried out this project in the suburbs of Cape Town, one of the areas where Aids slaughter more victims. The use of black and white avoids any showing off and offers us very poignant portraits also because of the empathy that the photographer can establish with every person. All the protagonists of her photos show what lies deep inside them: their respectability, dignity, power and the will to live their life with a smile of hope.



Taken in black and white and accompanied by the documentary “Another childhood, the children of Manthoc” was realized in Peru with the purpose of conveying the situation of baby workers. Here the kids pose before the camera, observe the photographer with smart glances and smile at her. A program is trying to regulate child labor in a country where it is unlikely to be eradicated if we think that kids account for nearly 20% of domestic economy. Silvia Amodio, once again, draws the attention on her subjects with the care and respect which always characterize her work.




“Fuori dall’ombra” is instead conceived in a multi-media version; it collects the testimonies of the victims of the pedophilic priests. A complex and difficult work being this topic extremely dramatic and controversial. For the first time the victims worldwide have accepted to be part of this unique project by telling their stories before the photographer’s camera. Silvia Amodio’s ability combines strong denounce with the delicacy of a style which always remains neat and elegant.

The portraits of “Tutti i colori del bianco” are part of a survey carried out in Europe about the people affected by albinism, a genetic condition conferring that characteristic depigmentation of skin, hair and eyes. A rare illness which is spread all over the world in a very variable way. The photographer’s aim is always that of creating expressive, elegant and graceful images whose purpose is also that of making people more aware on this topic. In Africa albinos are persecuted  and often killed.  The situation in our country is not so dramatic, but what this work underlines is that the diffidence and fear towards a diversity that you do not know is a cross problem. Alternating particularly incisive close-ups and full figures of single persons or groups, Silvia Amodio produces pictures full of an intrinsic beauty.

Text written by Roberto Mutti

Scuderie Granducali | 18th April - 5th May 2013 | from Thursday to Saturday from 15.00 to 20.00 and Sunday and 25  April and 1 May from 10.00 to 12.00  and from 15.00 to 20.00.

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Silvia Amodio

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