From April, 13 2013 to April, 14 2013

Casa dei Giovani - Querceta


Workshop by Gabriele Danesi


Fine Art Printing Workshop

by Gabriele Danesi



The purpose of the workshop is to understand how to prepare and optimize a digital photography for fine art printing. It will be illustrated all the digital printing technologies and characteristics that distinguish a quality fine art printing by a non-professional printing. It will be dealt with the proper color management throughout the photographic journey (from the RAW format shooting, to the digital development, up to Photoshop optimization) so as to always maintain the correct correspondence of colors. There will be also an explanation of how many colors it is possible to reproduce in print depending on the type of paper used; and how to assess whether the colors are all contained in a photograph can be printed or you need to make some changes.

N.B.: You must have a laptop with Photoshop and CameraRaw (or Lightroom) installed and have some RAW images on which work.



Day 1: Theoretical path.

Day 2: Practical path. Development of a RAW photography, Photoshop optimization and practical test of Fine Art Printing.


Theoretical arguments:

Explanation of Fine Art printing.

Digital printing technologies and characteristics.

Colorimetry: color description, CIE1931 model, primary colors, RGB and CMYK color models, additive and subtractive synthesis, RGB color spaces.

Color management: meaning and utilization.

Characterization of digital devices.

Color conversions

Gamut of monitor, printer and display.

Out of gamut color and rendering intents.

ICC profiles explanation.

Building of monitor, cameras and printers profiles.

Export developed RAW image.

Image resolution and color depth.

Difference between JPG and TIFF.

Photoshop optimization.

Soft Proof and the checking of out of gamut colors.

How to adjust any out of gamut colors.


13th - 14th April | 10.00-17.00
Price: 120 €
Casa dei Giovani - Via delle Contrade - Querceta - Seravezza - Lucca
INFO: Segreteria SF  |  0584-757443 |
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