From April, 22 2013 to June, 24 2013

Casa dei Giovani - Querceta

Reportage Course

by Gabriele Danesi


Reportage Course

Course’s duration: 10 lessons of 2 hours each

Cost of the course: €200


The purpose of this course is to design a photo-journalistic report from any specific point of view. It will be explain how to read a photo, choosing the right technique for taking pictures of reportage, identify the strong compositional elements, explanation and use of internal and external contexts, how to communicate feelings and information through pictures, how to make photographs with an artistic subject (painting, literature, dance, music, …), construction of a sequence of photos, creating a photo-journalistic story; up to the realization of a comprehensive report. There will also be an analysis and a discussion of photographs of many prominent photojournalist.

N.B.: You must have at least a camera with a wide angle lens (24mm, 28mm, 35mm).



Photography in photojournalism: general characteristics and the use of the flash.

Image reading: contexts, forms, contents.

Background as contextualization.

Types of shots.

Key elements and effective compositional structures.

Photojournalism in color: the harmonic or discordant relations.

Key points to write a story.

How to build a photographic sequence.

Other forms of art in photography: literature, cinema, music, painting, dance.

Musical tones in photography.

How to think and make a photojournalist project.



Every Monday from April 22 to June 24 | 18.30 - 20.30 | Casa dei Giovani - Via delle Contrade - Querceta - Seravezza - Lucca
PRICE:  € 200
INFO: Gabriele Danesi +39 347 6997022 |
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