From April, 10 2013 to June, 12 2013

Casa dei Giovani - Querceta

Photoshop advanced course

by Gabriele Danesi

Photoshop Advanced Course


The course aims to teach advanced techniques in post-production photo. It deals with the explanation of RGB color channels and how they can be used for image optimization. It will be explained the differences between Photoshop color modes (RGB, CMYK, Grayscale, Lab) especially the potential of Lab method to quickly adjust many flaws on colors and details of the photos. It will be broached the reproduction of creative effects (soft focus, glamour filter, film grain simulation, color changes in one or more shades, black and white conversion, Dragan effect, Dave Hill effect, HDR) and the most effective techniques for photo retouching used in Beauty and Fashion (skin, eyes, lips, hair correction and manual reconstructing of lineaments and body). It will be also explained how to block out irregular and complex objects using Photoshop masks, channels and vector tools. The ultimate goal of the course is understanding how design and create a photorealistic professional photomontage.

N.B.: You must have a laptop with Photoshop installed and have a good basic knowledge of: Photoshop tools, layers, curves, masks, filters and blending modes.


  • Perceptual meaning of 8-bit color depth and the advantages of processing 16-bit per channel.
  • R, G and B channels and RGB composite image.
  • Use the RGB channels to increase the local contrast of the image.
  • Use the RGB channels to correct the colors with curves.
  • Use the RGB channels to black and white conversion.
  • Difference between color modes RGB, CMYK, Grayscale and Lab.
  • Description of the L, A and B channels and the meaning of absolute Lab method.
  • Getting the best out of the Lab method.
  • Removing color stains and color noise using Lab method.
  • Increasing the sharpness using Lab method.
  • Eliminating chromatic aberrations using Lab method.
  • Black and White conversion using Lab method.
  • How to simulate double and triple exposures to obtain soft focus, glamour filter and pictorial effect.
  • How to simulate the texture and yield of a film.
  • Description of several methods to converting photographs in black and white.
  • Making color changes to a shade, or a variety of shades with layer styles.
  • How to get the HDR effect using the plugin and how to create it in Photoshop.
  • Meaning and reproduction of Dragan Effect.
  • Reproduction of the Dave Hill effect.
  • Removing skin imperfection.
  • Brighten eyes, lips and hair.
  • Modeling lineaments and body with the Transformations and the Liquefy filter.
  • Photoshop’s Vector tools: Paths and Pen tool.
  • Blocking out complex objects using Pen tool.
  • Blocking out irregular object with color channels and masks.
  • How to design a photomontage.
  • Meaning of photorealistic photomontage.
  • Final project: the realization of a simple photorealistic photomontage.
Course’s duration: 10 lessons of 3 hours each
Every Wednesday from 10 April to 12 June 2013 | 20.30 - 23.30 | Casa dei Giovani - Via delle Contrade - Querceta - Seravezza - Lucca
Price:  € 250,00
INFO e SUBSCRIPTION: Segreteria SF  |  0584-757443 |
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