From April, 26 2013 to April, 27 2013


Magic and colours in Venice

Workshop by Marian Vanzetto


Magic and colours of Venice

 by Marian Vanzetto


The Magic and colours of Venice is a workshop addressed to amateurs and freelance photographers who are attracted by that kaleidoscopic lagoon town. The photographic work will be full time, starting from the sunrise of April 26th, to 6 pm of April 27th.
In addition to those two days, there will be two more meetings: the preparatory one and the final one, both in Seravezza.
In the early morning of the 26th we will go visiting the most renowned historical places. In this way, the tourist’s overcrowding will be avoided, and we will be able to take pictures to the magnificient spirit of Venice and its foreshortenings. The appointment is at 6:30 am in San Marco Square, or at 6:00 am in front of the train station.
For the rest of the day we will go visiting less known but really interesting places, where signs of the Venetian history and culture are perceptible and mixed with the everyday Venetian life.
In the evening of the 26th we will have a dinner together in a typical Venetian pizzeria.
On the following Saturday the 27th, we will travel to Burano, the most coloured and joyous Venetian island, resided by ex-fishermans and embroiderers. This place still preserves an authentic appeal and an happy atmosphere thanks to the typical colorful walls and silent alleys.
The week before traveling to Venice, on Friday April 19th, time: 6:00-8:00 pm, there will be a preparatory meeting at the Casa Dei Giovani in Querceta, so that all participants get to know each other. Here, we will take some pratical decisions and we will study the landscape photography in Venice. Moreover, “vaporetto” (ferry boat) tickets (whose validity is 48 hour) will be delivered to those participants who have already paid their registration fee.
It is also possible that the preparatory meeting will take place in my studio at Camponogara (VE), on Wednesday April 24th, at 6 pm; or by using a skype connection on the internet. 
The final meeting will be on Friday May 3rd, time: 6:00-8:00 pm, at the Casa dei Giovani in Querceta. Here, we will share and discuss together the results of the workshop. Every participant will have to show a small selection (15 photos at most) of her/his photographic work in Venice.
The cost of workshop is 180 euro*.
The maximum number of participants is 15. Important: participants must be of age.
In addition to a digital or analog reflex camera, for those who like nocturnal photography I suggest to also carry a tripod (even though the full moon will help us!).
* The cost of workshop includes:
- the 48 hour “vaporetto” ticket (30€)
- the dinner of April 26th in a typical Venetian pizzeria (pizza, drink, dessert and coffee)
The cost of workshop DOES NOT include:
- travel expenses to Venice
- accommodation expenses
- possible entrance fees to museums or churches
Finally, I suggest a list of convenient hotels and B&Bs that can be easily found in internet (for example, see
- Hotel Ai Do Mori
- Hotel Dalla Mora
- Hotel Bernardi Semenzato
- Hotel Ai Tolentini
- B&B San Giacomo
For more information, please write to 


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