From February, 23 2017 to March, 19 2017

Palazzo Mediceo Seravezza

"Hidden beauties" by di C.F. l'Altissimo

Circolo fotografico l'Altissimo BFI

This year, the Altissimo BFI photography club once again proposes a themed project for the Serravezza Fotografia 2017 festival. In the previous editions, the club members presented Our Hours, an exhibition on daily life; Displacement, an ironic point of view on common objects set in unusual places; Una storia di donne (A Story of Women), an accusation against gender-based violence; Famiglia famiglie (Family Families), a photographic reading about nowadays family compositions. This time, the Altissimo club is commited to a new research: discovering aesthetic values “hidden” among the countless forms of architecture. Such as for the previous years, for this exhibition, the club has chosen to work collectively, both for the planning and the execution, privileging a fully shared outcome against any personalism.
The project has come from a simple observation: in our hectic days, there are many details of the environment which escape our attention. Can the eye of the photographer, trained to a more attentive vision, look beyond appearances? Does a factory plant, or any kind of industrial facility, have an aesthetic appeal? Can a supermarket speak the language of beauty?
The aim of the work is not to produce rigorous materials or realistic representations of the subjects. On the contrary, it encourages free readings which may arouse totally unexpected effects in the mind of the observer, since the subjects portrayed are released from the concept of functionality usually related to buildings. The static quality of architectural forms, the rigidity of the structures and the roughness of the matter are tempered with the colors of the sky and the clouds, the daring perspectives, the alternation of full and empty spaces, the reflections on the glassed walls, the excited chromaticism of light and the abstraction of the usual urban landscape.
Until the discovery of hidden beauties!

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