From April, 1 2017 to April, 2 2017

Scuderie Granducali Seravezza

"Investigate reality" by Lucio Trizzino

Among Seravezza Photography and in conjunction with STRIKE - the show where he is exhibiting - Lucio Trizzino will hold a workshop dedicated to the essence of photography in reality and its narrative extension . It will consist of two afternoon of magistralis lectio, from 15.30 hours to 18.30, organized as follows:

See the picture in reality: the visible world is full of "ready-made" images, you just have to know how to find. This lesson is dedicated to the way you look at reality  finding a harmony of shapes, colors and perspectives that shooted on the film constitute a “fine art” image.


Realize photography books: capture reality on film means building a narrative series of images linked by their peculiar poetry. Through the photographic book, the image increases its conceptuality, becoming part of an artistic story.


The workshop will include a minimum of ten participants, and a maximum of forty.
For further information: Nicholas Lucarelli 320 0657295

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