From February, 17 2017 to March, 19 2017

Galleria La Seravezziana

UNTITLED (INTRO) by Stefano Viti

“My work is focused on a sociological analysis of the human consciousness and psychology related to the bond between Human Being and Nature.
The complicated connections between these two subjects create an hopelessly alteration of ego and Nature itself.
The Human Being is part of Nature, he has the power of influence the nature but he is also influenced by it. The same thing happens between people. “
Stefano Viti

Born in La Spezia, I discovered photography at early age when I borrowed one of my father’s cameras to go seeing a football match.
After the high school I seriously started to study photography and doing a little experience with a local wedding photography.
When I turned 22 I decided to move to Milan following my passion for photography. Here I attended a professional photography school that allowed me to work for well-known photographer travelling all over the world.
At the age of 30 I started my career as a freelance photographer in the fashion field. It’s been a while that my research as an artist is oriented toward artistic projects characterised by conceptual and abstracted language.
Today I try to look inside myself and around me neglecting all the commercial commitments.
Stefano Viti

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