From April, 1 2017 to May, 14 2017


SPACEARTH - Satellite Photography

curated by Maurizio Marco Tozzi



The exhibition brings together for the first time six of the biggest satellite photography artists of international standing with the passion and the reinterpretation of various terrestrial landscapes realized through the use of new web technologies.
Every artist has been able to create a new concept of landscape, but at the same time launched a strong warning to the preservation of our planet and enhancement of the environmental beauty, both immortalizing moments of our time, is discovering new forms and configurations that only through satellite means you can bring to light. Looking at these images, taken in any place in the world, you live a kind of telepresence,  that Lev Manovich defines the medium "not to create a new object, but to access them, to establish relationships, to observe what happens in a remote place ... ".

There will be also some scientific images that serve as introduction to the artistic research of the six authors.

The artists on show at LABottega in Marina di Pietrasanta are: Jenny Odell (U.S.A.), Max Serradifalco (Italia), David Thomas Smith (Irlanda), Federico Winer (Argentina), Stephen Lund (Canada) and Carlo Alberto Treccani (Italia) 

The project is curated by Maurizio Marco Tozzi

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