From February, 17 2017 to March, 15 2017

Palazzo Civico Querceta

"Ogni io che sei" di Francesca Marrai

This exhibition contains some of my self-portraits made from 2011 until now.

Each image represents a part of me, and it is inspired from those places or objects from which I am attracted because they help me to rebuild my world.

For instance, a field of dried sunflowers, a bush of colorful hydrangea or a wallpaper of an abandoned house, made me immediately feel the urge to snap, as if I had lost those scenes and then I found them again, and I don’t want to leave them anymore.

Photography helps me to remember who I am, or maybe it makes me find it out slowly.


Objects are tools which I use to build the scenes and they take on a magical meaning.

Candles, books or ballet slippers transcend their canonical role becoming living protagonists.

Even colors have a key role in my photographs, they communicate and contribute to the picture language.

In the creation of a shot, I try to calculate every detail, from light to clothing, from color tones to the composition, so that the focus falls where I want. This can occur even in the shooting phase, which can last for hours. Sometimes a picture I have in mind, once taken is not what I wanted. So starts a research phase of the right pose or the right outfit, which ends only when I finally have the image that gives me back the feelings that motivated me to achieve it.


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