From March, 24 2017 to April, 17 2017

Palazzo Civico Querceta

"Sur/Real" by Erika Zolli

Erika Zolli is a Fine-art photographer.
 After graduating in Philosophy, she approached to the self-taught photography. Currently she lives and works in Milan. She holds workshops of creative photography in Italy and Spain. Her works
 have been mentioned in several magazines and newspapers such as: L'Espresso, La Repubblica, Ansa, e Photographer, Photograph Refex, L'Oeil de la Photographie etc..
 In May 2016 she exhibited her project "Surreal Arabesque" during the eleventh edition of
 Milano Photo Festival, she exhibited her works during the 70th anniversary of the Teatro
 Lirico Sperimentale of Spoleto and in November 2016 she participated in a collective "Learning
 to fly "during Torino Esposizioni. In November 2016 she won the first prize of
 competition 'My City' organized by the European Environment Agency and the prize T2gE
 Conference during the conference Transition to the Green Economy (T2gE) held in

Erika Zolli has always been attracted by the potential that has the photography to conduct
 the viewer into a surreal world of poetry.
 In her photographs there are created new worlds, new realities, Her work explores the dreamlike dimension of the mind through surreal worlds she’s created. Although these worlds are o en strange, they have a lightness and a sense of magic, too.

The exhibition that we propose here, entitled "Sur / Real", will include her two projects: ”Surreal Arabesque" and "Me at my best."



In “Surreal Arabesque” the photographer plays with the concept of “arabesque”, which means to contrast the perfection of the “Ideal Beauty” to the extravagance of the imagination. In this series apparently normal images are enhanced by surreal and ironic elements: clouds ahead normal selfportrait, multiple hands spanning trees to the ends of the branches, a cat in a ceramic teapots, a woman lying peacefully in a can of tuna etc.

In the second project proposed, “Me at my Best”, as you can guess from the title, the photographer plays with herself by creating a series of surreal and dreamlike self-portraits. Delicate images in pastel colors show the subject a new visual code, outside any aesthetic and moral concern, where the laws of logic are stopped to give way to what is illogical and impossible. the observer will be located in front of metamorphosis into owers, hot bath in teacups, sublimation of the body and mimicry with the surroundings.


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