From March, 10 2016 to March, 20 2016

Scuderie Granducali Seravezza

Famiglia Famiglie del circolo fotografico L'Altissimo

The Photography Club l' Altissimo BFI is a cultural association and it has been active for over twenty years in the field of amateur photography. The club is registered to FIAF, Italian Federation of Photographic Associations and it is the proud holder of the prestigious recognition called BFI, Meritorious of Italian Photography.
The association coordinates a wide range of activities: partecipation in competitions, exhibitions and photographic events, publication of members' pictures on some highly regarded photography websites, courses for young people who want to approach the world of photography.

L'Altissimo BFI

ORARI: dal giovedì al sabato 15.00-19.00 | Domenica e festivi: 10.00-19.00 | Scuderie Granducali

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